Privacy with Camera Cork

Use your camera only when you want!

We’re on a mission to safeguard your privacy and offer you peace of mind. With our innovative camera covers, you regain control over your device.

Ensure your camera only takes pictures when you want, and not when some application wants.

iphone Front Camera Cover | Cover Your Selfie Camera Like A Pro

24/7 Unwanted Surveillance

Ever feel like your being watched?

The cameras embedded in our devices, once a convenient feature, now raise valid concerns about unauthorized surveillance and potential privacy breaches. As more apps and services seek access to our cameras, it’s crucial to regain control over our camera usage and protect our personal lives from prying eyes.

Taking Back Full Control

Simple and Effective Peace of Mind

By using the Camera Cork, you take back the power to decide when and where your camera is used. Say goodbye to the feeling of being constantly watched and reclaim your personal space with confidence and peace of mind.